Traxalt: Record of Transaction for an Unlisted-Token


Traxalt, a blockchain-based solution that aims to transform the Global Payments Network, is set to prove its ground in the traditional mercantile area.

With the emergence of the blockchain platforms, there has been a significant need to build an ecosystem around scalable solutions for enterprise-grade transactions. We have seen a lot of projects trying to cater to sectors such as Global Payments Network. It is interesting to see projects like Traxalt securing deals and partnerships and further extending their area of operations.

The company is said to have secured a deal with a project that ranks under the top 20 in coinmarketcap. This deal will enable Traxalt to be used by 1050 merchants around the globe as part of their daily business operations.

The company devs are building tools on the Stellar blockchain, enabling these merchants to eliminate bottlenecks in their businesses while offering scalability with data growth and less use of third parties.

Traxalt has been widely accepted by businesses and the community as well. In fact, their TXT token already has 828,000 holders (and counting).

This deal comes as no shock because, just after 12 months, their token is currently generating a daily volume ranging from $110,000,000 to $128,000,000, with impressive liquidity that gained them the 3rd place before Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Really soon by the question “What are the tokens with the most liquidity?” The answer will be BTC, ETH and TXT.

Much to the surprise of the experts, who had predicted difficulties in introducing Cryptocurrencies as a mainstream medium in countries like Mexico, where information about these new means of payment is not as widespread, the Traxalt ecosystem has started to become viral there, as well.

Nonetheless, Renato Rodríguez, a fintech advisor and blockchain expert, declared, in his speech at TEDxPalmitas, that although Mexico has already made progress in bringing regulations in the Fintech field, education about new tech and law should be further strengthened.

Renato Rodríguez, the man who will beat BTC, knows well, and not only because he is originally from Guatemala, but especially because he has ventured for various years in the digital economy in various Latin American countries, among others.

Looking at the transaction volume, It is clear that the Mexican market is still to be improved. Luckily, companies like Traxalt are making that market easy to reach, thanks to disruptive technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

In fact, the focus is not just on Blockchain, but also on Artificial Intelligence, which is the main part of the e-commerce revolution being brought forth by Traxalt and others like it, important to break the barriers and make the market a global one.

Even if not looking at the crypto applications, it can be found that there are reputable companies such as eBay that have implemented AI technology to generate an environment with greater connectivity by eliminating any communication barrier, with static automatic translation and a chatbot acting like an intelligent being, which understands all requirements and potential issues of the customer.

Another great introduction of AI-driven tech in the e-commerce field is Virtual Assistants. Gutemberg Dos Santos most influential Latin America blockchain influencer – a renowned Blockchain Expert and Fintech advisor, recently stated in an interview with Singularity Report: “These e-assistants will help the customer find the right product as per their shopping behavior and needs, improving buying experience and saving much time.”

Google is also exploiting the benefits of AI, but some are still skeptical on this new technology, as clear results cannot yet be appreciated.

We still need to improve the usage of AI and to analyze its ethical meaning in order to find congruence, reliability and certainty in it.

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